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Gain a BTEC (Equivalent to 3 A levels) in Dance Performance and Excellence

How Will The Dance Academy Help Me?

The BTEC extended diploma holds the same UCAS points as three A levels and allows learners to progress onto a range of sport and Dance related university courses, including PE teaching, Sports and Dance Development, Physiotherapy, Sports Exercise to Music, Leisure Industry, Dance Coaching, Journalism, and Performance.

Louis Mitchell, GA Academy student

I feel like I have settled well into the academy, surrounded by the good staff, and the lads at the college,
makes it much more enjoyable. It’s not the same scenario as a normal college. Making education fun, which is a hard thing to do!

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What The Dance Academy Offers You

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How do these qualifications provide employ-ability skills?

Where employability skills are referenced in this specification, we are generally referring to skills in the following three main categories.

• Cognitive and problem-solving skills: using critical thinking, approaching non-routine problems applying creative solutions.

• Interpersonal skills: communicating, working collaboratively, negotiating and influencing, self-presentation.

• Intrapersonal skills: self-management, adaptability and resilience, self-monitoring and development.

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Get Active Academy Has First Class Dance Facilities For You To Use Daily

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What does this qualification cover?

The content of this qualification has been developed in consultation with employers and professional bodies.

The content is predominantly derived from the Sporting Excellence Apprenticeship Standard and also includes sector-wide knowledge and skills that can support employment in sporting excellence and performance.

Learners taking this qualification will study seven mandatory units:
Unit A: Careers in the Sport and Active Leisure Industry
• Unit B: Health, Wellbeing and Sport
• Unit C3: Professional Sports Performer
• Unit D3: Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Professional Performance
• Unit E: Research Project in Sport (Pearson-set)
• Unit 4:Nutrition for Physical Performance
• Unit 23: Psychology for Professional Sports Performance

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  •   Professional Dancer

  •  Choreographer

  •  Dance Teacher 

  •  Nutritionist 

  •  TV & Radio 

  •  Dance & Fitness 

  •  Social Media 

  • Dance Lecturer 

  •  PT

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What You Gain From The Dance Academy

All BTEC Nationals provide transferable knowledge and skills that prepare learners for progression to university.


BTEC learners can also benefit from opportunities for in-depth holistic study, where they are able to make connections between different areas of learning


BTEC Nationals provide a vocational context
in which learners can develop the skills required for particular degree courses, including teamwork, project work, and presentation and analytical skills.


These qualifications are likely to attract UCAS Tariff points (pending application approval).

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Harry Jacob Cooper, GA Academy student

I really enjoy it here and feel I’m always improving my
skills. I look forward to coming in everyday to train.